I was going through my Snaps yesterday and I came across a snap about shopping in Qatar. I thought that was silly! I do not follow a Qatar shopping account… and I live in Dubai. Why did this happen to me, is it an ad? Pretty much I guess, it looks like Snapchat is starting […]

There it was sitting at the helm of the video kingdom without a challenger in sight. Basking in its glory, YouTube was the go-to digital video platform for the masses. But like all empires, an uprising is always brewing to dethrone the emperor. This particular uprising has merit as it is being led by a […]

Netizency’s managing partner Michael Maksoudian gives his take on the influencer influenza It’s time for marketers to get off the placebo, find a proper cure to their digital marketing ailments and get a flu shot of hard truth. Influencers are people with a large following (fake or not) who tell people how great your brand […]

You can organize desert safaris with your colleagues, or order pizzas for meetings, but all of those are occasional extras that can help create temporary pleasures. We felt the need to tackle the root cause of happiness which to us is the overall surrounding environment. This entails having some awesome people for colleagues and a […]

  We are excited to announce that we’re moving to a new office. We’re growing and are excited to move into a fully customized space that better reflects the way we live and work as a team. The new office is bigger, better, brighter and with a lot more entertainment options A few facts about […]

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Market evolution will mean work will be twice as hard and the amount of real-time changes and scenario variations will be endless, says Fadi Khater   Ads nowadays come with an embedded research module. It costs less than $1 to reach 1,000 people in an online ad, whereas it would cost thousands of dollars to […]