Facebook updates its video ad metrics

People’s video consumption behaviors rapidly change. To address those changes and maximize video ad spend, Facebook has introduced a number of changes to its video metrics.

First off, Facebook has updated the way it measures 3-second and 10-second video views to only count unrepeated seconds watched. This will provide brands with more accurate measurements of what their audience see; therefore, it will help them better plan their ad sequence.

Secondly, Facebook has introduced Video Plays, a feature that will help advertisers better understand the difference between impressions and plays. Facebook explains it as follows:

“Last year, we shared how videos may not always play when an impression is reported due to someone’s settings, network or behavior. For example, if a person has autoplay turned off, their phone has low battery or they’re in an area of low connectivity, videos -including video ads – would not autoplay. And while our research shows that every part of a video view—from initial impression to a complete view and everything in between—drives value, we want to help advertisers better understand the difference between impressions and plays. So today, we’re also announcing a new Video Plays metric in Ads Manager and the Ads API.”

Lastly, Facebook has removed the 30-Second Video Views and Video Percentage Watched as, according to the platform, they are redundant and infrequently used.

Advertisers are going to see those updates soon as they are rolled out globally to everyone over the next couple of weeks.

Read more here.

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