Facebook Watch goes global

Facebook Watch is no longer exclusive to US users as the social media giant expanded its access to all users globally.

The new YouTube rival does not just give people a new way to discover video & interact with friends, it could also open a heap of social media marketing opportunities with Facebook offering monetization and performance tools alongside the expansion.

Facebook is giving select businesses access to ‘ad breaks’ as it confirms below:

“Starting today, Ad Breaks are now fully launched across five markets and open to eligible Pages, with a range of additional countries coming soon. We had been testing Ad Breaks with a limited set of publishers and creators, but now every publisher or creator in these countries that meets the eligibility criteria below will be able to make money from their videos.”

The ad break tool will be available in pre and mid-roll format, along with image ads shown below videos.

Additionally, Facebook is launching its ‘Creator Studio’ platform globally, which enables creators to track the performance of their video, manage content interactions, publish video content, etc.


It’s worth noting that Facebook has added a new element to Creator Studio, called Loyalty insights, which includes data on audience retention.

Read more here.



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